20 weeks


We were appointed by the Forestry Commission to undertake emergency reclamation works to an unstable slope.

Residential gardens situated at the summit had already begun to partially decline, therefore emergency stabilising works were required before the properties were adversely affected.

Firstly, appropriate land drainage was installed by the embankment’s toe to control water flow.

We then proceeded to clear dense vegetation to allow access to site, which was severely restricted and awkward, with pathway widening  required.

A series of shelves were then cut within this unstable bank, installing recycled materials where possible, working bottom upwards, to ensure after each shift, everything was left in a safe and stable condition.

Stability monitoring formed a vital part of our works; being undertaken prior to works commencing and as the site developed.

Permanent monitoring points offered an early warning system during construction, should further slippage have occurred and has enabled the Forestry Commission to closely monitor this embankment, ensuring no further destabilisation occurs.

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