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Whitehouse were appointed by Nottinghamshire County Council to undertake footpath and bridge replacement works within the Pleasley Vale SSSI Railway. This site is of both historical, industrial and scientific importance, with Roman Ruins found in the area, in conjunction with remains of many animals, including a Lynx, in Yew Tree Cave.

Works included the removal and replacement of a series of existing dilapidated bridges, footpath remedial works and bridge foundation structures.

Following Toolbox talks and induction training, all site members conducted twice-daily fingertip searches and visual inspections of all working areas ensuring no protected species had gained access to our working areas. Specialist newt fencing was used throughout the works to protect Great Crested Newts which, alongside a close working relationship with an Ecologist, ensured no breaches of Protected Species Legislation occurred.

Due to the isolated location of elements of the works, site access was limited causing issues when transporting materials, plant and other goods.

This necessitated the reduction in size of plant e.g. Mini- diggers etc. and the use of hand excavation and delivery techniques in the completion of works, minimising disruption to the delicate environment.

Thanks to our robust Environmental Aspects and Impacts study, all environmental issues were dealt with without impacting on the overall costings submitted for the work. All works were complete on budget and within programme.

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