4 weeks


Whitehouse were appointed to undertake the installation of a new solar canopy, used to power electric vehicles for use around Toyota MMUK’s Burnaston manufacturing site. In order to meet with Toyota MMUK‘s sustainability vision, works were undertaken using recycled, sustainable products wherever possible.

Works included installation of Sudscape resin bound gravel to pathway areas leading from the main office building to the manufacturing buildings. Whitehouse created these pathways using innovative sustainable solutions, including the use of resin bound rubber (recycled car tyres) as a sub-base.

Large raised oak planters were sourced from local sustainable suppliers, filled with recycled local soil and topped with wood chippings. Each oak planter was planted with declining and extinct plant species native to the area.

Further hard and soft landscaping works were undertaken, alongside the installation of drainage and ducting for the solar canopy.

Ecopave setts (made with recycled materials) were laid to a radial design around the new canopy; to function as a public area for visitors and a charging area for electric vehicles used to transport visitors around the manufacturing plants.

All works were undertaken in close proximity to a live manufacturing site and therefore careful traffic management and stakeholder liaison were needed throughout the works to minimise any impacts to production and protect our workforce from on- site traffic.

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